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HOW Expert-crowdfund WORKS

In the Expert Crowdfund platform you participate in business areas that are acquired and put into operation for joint profit. The cooperation scheme is designed in such a way that during the year family assets work only for you, and then become property, which strengthens us as a reliable partner for each other. We are trying to increase existing assets, and you can get super profits expressed in different bonds. Of course, we want to please and encourage active members of our family, for this, separately from the affiliate program, we have developed a bonus program that includes a set of vital goals for each person, everyone who begins to go through career ranks will be able to provide themselves with everything necessary in life.

Expert Crowdfund platform is your working business, where your funds operate in a transparent manner and are invested in a cvil, industrial, power plant, financial, construction, … projects that generates money for you. Nowadays, this is one of the existing business opportunities that has high efficiency and a guarantee of sustainability due to the constant growth of selected areas of the family.

Expert Crowdfund - Choosing us, you shake hands with professionals.

And how does this make it possible to earn profits?

In 2017, a group of innovative engineers, accompanied by experienced university professors, top business professionals and finally financial-economic experts, after spending hundreds of hours of feasibility study and research on the global achievements and success cases of developed countries, succeeded to develop and codify a business plan and roadmap of a new idea called the Academy of Experts or Expert Academy; which is a productive human group based on complete trust.

All is done to provide passive online income opportunities for people from all over the world. To this end, an online platform including variable plans ( PLAN30, PLAN20, …) has been created that is able to provide high income for people on the Internet, realizing the management of private capitals using a convenient interface and consistently high-quality cooperation options.

All deposits to the family are insured by a part of the reserve fund, which each participant forms and strengthens with each deposit, which makes it possible to minimize the risk of loss of funds for each participant. Any program has deposit insurance, where 20% of the amount of your deposit is credited to the family reserve fund, each participant has the right to refuse deposit insurance and assume all risks of cooperation with us.

Expert Crowdfund - The safety and growth of your capital is our job.

Investment offers for you
"Plan 30"
Power plant, civil, industrial, financial & construction projects crowdfunding. Active Participation. One time investment multiple income source.

"Plan 20"
Power plant, civil, industrial, financial, construction projects crowdfunding. Passive Participation. One time investment couple income source.

WHY CHOOSE Expert Crowdfund Platform?
The uniqueness and advantage of the family is that we gather like-minded people who are not so much pursuing profit, but want to create a wealthy environment around us, a generation of purposeful, open, wealthy people, team players to implement global business projects family. We are just different, and if somewhere in the depths of your consciousness you feel that it appeals to me, then you can become part of our family and share our ideology among your friends and relatives. the most significant competitive advantage of our family is focus on ethics, transparency, law, satisfaction and ultimately trust.
24/7 support!
Our support department specialists work 24/7 for you, we are happy to help and competently answer all your questions. We will help to prompt you how to start cooperation with us, we will try to bring information to you as openly and transparently as possible.
You must admit that not everyone today can afford the full benefits of this world, not everyone dreams of them in view of their workload of vanity and troubles of their life, but the family is attractive because it makes it possible to fulfill our plan, dreams and desires, and at the same time remain financially secure person.
We have many like-minded people from all over the world who earn stable income using the capabilities of the family and business areas, and were able to change the quality of their lives and reach a stable income.
Nowadays, the family is accessible to everyone 24/7, for this it is enough to use a smartphone, and as practice shows, the model of cooperation with the family, as well as the marketing program as a whole, is accessible and understandable to any participant, which makes it possible to actively develop anywhere in the world.
When you have 1.000.000 dollars you are considered a successful person, when you have 10.000.000 you are considered a rich person, when you have 100.000.000 - this money should serve people! We believe that the success of any family partisipants is determined solely by his decisions, and our role as a team player is to give you an extremely comfortable environment to achieve your financial goals. We strive to make cooperation with the family favorable for the investor at the initial stage, and decency, stability and reliability for you are our foundation.
Many will ask if it is reliable, but where are the guarantees? We want to declare openly that only fraudsters and charlatans give guarantees, we also have reliability factors from simple family conditions, the observance of which has a positive effect on reducing risks to zero, and as practice shows, it gives peace in your heart and confidence in the future!
Today the family is a symbiosis formed over the years and embodied in the network, we are your 24/7 support, stability and a solid foundation. If you share our ideology, then achieving your goals is mutual. And this gives us attractiveness among the public, because the family’s accessibility is at the level of smartphone, reliability, that measured by time, growth dynamics, active development and implementation of goals. The main thing is that you have the opportunity to earn from 6% per month to 120% per year in net profit, through the means of these opportunities you can improve the quality of your life, it remains to take part and become a free and financially independent person.
“By acting together, we are making both ourselves and our family stronger.”
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HOW Expert Crowdfund WORKS
How are the funds distributed?
The main directions of the family are formed and the following areas are taken as a basis, which will always be relevant in making a profit: gradation in% ratio for each direction:
  • 40% Foreign exchange currency market with renowned brokers.
  • 25% Global Stock Markets NYSE,NASDAQ,S&P500, Crypto currencies,…
  • 20% Bonds in power plant, civil, industrial, financial, construction projects.
  • 10% Bonds in the Healthcare & Education projects.
  • 5% Charity programs.
The projected average monthly income from family assets varies from 3% to 6%, which (from is transferred to the accounts of our participants, with the ability to quickly withdraw funds monthly, semi-annually, annually.
“Where there is no commonality of interests, there cannot be unity of purpose, not to mention unity of action.”
  • 40% Trade A
  • 25% Trade B
  • 20% Bonds
  • 10% Bonds
  • 5% Charity

Creating a personal investment turnover for yourself, you can receive

up to 36% annually

net profit per month (gradation of receiving money from 1 month, six months, year), and also have the opportunity to earn up to 36% on an affiliate program.

+36% affiliation
What's new with us?
What's new with us? Watch the latest YouTube video and stay up to date with all the news and latest events!
What should I do?
Everything is very simple! The desire to change your quality of life, improve your financial situation, find like-minded people! But first you need to create an account on our Expert Crowdfund platform. This will take 2 minutes.
Next, determine the status of cooperation with the family "PLAN20" or "PLAN30", and refill your personal account using any of the proposed payment systems, and the exchange of funds for the community currency will occur automatically.
Done! Now you are a full-fledged participant of the family and have all the privileges according to your status, you can set goals, create a deposit, share the capabilities of the family. Beside creating/constructing a power plant, civil, industrial, … projects, benefiting from multiple income sources.
Frequently asked questions
SUPPORT: If You have not found the answer to your question – write to us at the appropriate support Department, and we with great joy and a maximum speed will respond to You.
Is it possible to invest one cryptocurrency and withdraw another?
Yes, you can invest in any way that is available to you from those proposed by our family, automatically converting your funds into family tokens for making a deposit, and withdraw in the same way, but if you change the invested currency to another, the commission will be at least 1% of the amount.
How to withdraw funds?
All payments are made by the financial department in manual mode. The withdrawal procedure takes 120 hours. You create an application for withdrawal in your personal account. If you have problems with the withdrawal, contact Support. If the participant has provided inaccurate, incomplete data on the withdrawal system, no withdrawal is made, and the request for withdrawal is rejected until the correction or clarification of your payment data.
Can Expert Crowdfund Platform be classified as HYIP?
Excluded. You can think so because of the amount of profit received by our participants, nothing more. Any other analogies are unacceptable to our entire family. We do business, the company is officially registered, we cooperate with participants from many countries, you need time to better understand this.
What additional documents may be required after registration?
If a situation arises when it is necessary to exhaustively identify the owner of the active account, we may request some additional information from the participant. In all other cases, the provision of additional documents and other personal information is not required.
Beside creating/constructing a power plant, civil, industrial, … projects, benefiting from multiple income sources.
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